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  1. Try to be active as much as you can and share your gigs in various social media platform but, Don't spam..
  2. You are most welcome here!
  3. Please help me in this regard... I published 2 gigs in the Data → Data Entry category 4 days ago. But I am not finding my gigs on the search results. I checked my gigs activity result (picture is attached below) and Fiverr is saying that my gigs are displayed in the search result pages but I am not finding my gigs on the search result pages. I searched thoroughly my gigs on Data → Data Entry's 1-20 pages (there are showing a total of 20 pages in the Data → Data Entry category) but I am not getting my gigs. But I am getting my another gigs by searching in the same way. Now what should I do? Need your valuable suggestions in this regard. Advance thanks Here is my profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/rakibbhasan
  4. Hi nihalzaps! Welcome to the community. If you really want to be professional freelancer then you need to do hard work and have to increase your skills day by day and patience is also needed much in this regard. Best of luck
  5. Go and search in youtube to do SEO for your gig. Firstly try to understand actually what they suggest to do proper SEO for your gig and then go ahead to your gig SEO according to their instructions.
  6. I think every buyer will not you give this chance again. And if they don’t give you this types of chance again then it will be a great hamper to your account since you will not be able to do the work in the proper way and couldn’t delivered the work in the given time. So, we should be more conscious when we send a buyer request. We should read the whole project details properly and if we get confident then we can go ahead with the buyer request.
  7. I think it’s true. But I don’t understand, as a new seller what should we do for getting real impressions and clicks and improve our gigs?
  8. @web_laab But I don’t get buyer requests when I check it. Any tips for getting it? Or why I don’t get it?
  9. I created a new gig a few days ago. But now I noticed that my gig’s impressions are very low and clicks are also very low compared to the impressions. Now how can I increase my gig’s impressions and clicks? Need suggestions in this regard. Thanks
  10. @beenkay1 max online means try to be active on Fiverr more and more time as much as you can.
  11. Looking good. But you have to do proper marketing for your gigs and try to be active as more time as you can.
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