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  1. Hi there, My Fiverr account was offline from two weeks. It's ranking down. How to rank it again? Please tell me if you really know.
  2. We can can protect ourselves from virus by using following techniques. 1. Stay at office talk distance of 6 feet 2. Sanitize yourself and avoid public meetings 3. Use food from your home 4. Talk bath everyday 5. Wash hand before starting work. ] Hope you that helps to protect you from virus.
  3. I have not opened since last week ranking is going down rapidly.

  4. I sent text file within drive links.
  5. I provided link of project he just downloaded file and asked for cancellation. How to deal this him?
  6. I asked buyer that this project will take at least one week to be completed but He gave me 2 days at that I accepted, Now project was being late. I cancelled it... Will it effect my business?
  7. I was sharing gigs on Facebook. Is there another way to rank it?
  8. I received an order few days ago. shortly I was running required website on my local machine (server) I copied those folder with databases and converted to .zip and sent him. I asked him to open index.html after hosting to a live server. then I delivered order at time but buyer made a revision and sent a message " I can't open ". and he asked for cancellation. And then I initialized the cancellation. Is there any mistake made by me?plz
  9. Buyer Requests ACTIVE SENT OFFERS 10 offers left today BUYER REQUESTS All Subcategories DATE BUYER REQUEST OFFERS DURATION BUDGET No requests found.
  10. You cannot to sellers only replies can be made in someone comes inbox.
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