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  1. That’s a good idea. If they reply next I will do that
  2. Hello. My gig “design your minimalist book cover,” after over a year active, was suddenly paused and flagged for allegedly using an unoriginal image to represent the gig. The flag is completely false, as all of my covers and illustrations in the representative images and throughout the portfolio are 100% original and hand-drawn by me and only me. There is no reason for any of these images to be deemed unoriginal. I even did a reverse image search to see if I couldn’t find someone else possibly stealing or copying my art, but found nothing. I’m upset because the flag had no option or link in it to rebut the flag or debate it at all. I had to submit a ticket request to rebut the case, only for support to reply with the same message in the flag and no further explanation of why they thought an image was unoriginal. I replied pushing for more information and haven’t heard back yet. Meanwhile my gig is inactive and not being promoted. This gig is my most active and popular gig and currently my only source of income. I’m very upset with this false flag but also for how difficult they make it for sellers who are falsely flagged and need to remove it. Has anyone else had this issue?
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