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  1. Fiver didn’t considered it late I don’t know why and client is happy too with my work. My work was like I just need to click on “deliver” Although everything was complete on his site.
  2. I delivered the work 1 day late. Can I ask the client to apply for revision then I’ll apply for an extension. Will it work? The deadline was near and I thought I had to do a lot of work. But the work was complete after 30 minutes of the deadline although Fiverr considers it as late delivery. I requested the client to give me an extension but he was too busy didn’t come online. So I delivered after 1 day. But after 2 days the client came back and said I’m happy with your work. So he’s willing to give me an extension now but how can take the extension so that Fiverr doesn’t consider it late. Actually, I was afraid that the client will never come online that’s why I deliver and didn’t wait too long for an extension although I know he would give me an extension if he comes online.
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