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  1. Sounds cool, really proud of our admins, because they always want to upgrade Fiverr to a higher level!
  2. No! Working on other platform is not fiverr’s TOS violation. There is no relation with fiverr working on other platforms. Trying to outside communication of fiverr with fiverr’s clients or trying to move them on other platforms are TOS violation. Yep, I’m talking about that from first time, maybe I needed to explain more.
  3. Thanks! That will help me so much!
  4. Does someone knows what sizes I need to use, to create a header? Thanks for reply and attention!
  5. Maybe, after this comment, your 4’th account will be deleted 😅
  6. You’ve been worked on another platform, that was violating ToS, and you got banned.
  7. In this mini-thread I’m gonna itroduce myself! My name is Victor and I’m a proffesional photographer and photoshop-master. Just created an account on Fiverr a month ago, and first Gig a couple of days ago. Before registering my Gig, of course, I did some researches on this site and forum, and I think, I will become Top Rated Seller soon! I hope I will become a part of this community, and maybe its leader!
  8. If even that’s a long thread, that not makes this boring. Really interesting information for new sellers, either for veterans, hope to see updates of this thread 🙂
  9. Yes, I think you are right, better to read basic rules of site before starting to work with Fiverr community 😃
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