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  1. No, it’s not allowed. Posting gig links on random forum threads will get you in trouble with moderators. You can only share your gig link in My Fiverr Gigs
  2. I wish It will help! https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017584098-Subscriptionsfeature?segment=buyer
  3. Yes! It will be 1600-550 px cover size.
  4. Do I need 4.7-star review of my gig or an overall 4.7-star review of my profile to send a buyer request?
  5. If you cannot find a solution, please contact Fiverr support!
  6. If you can make your gig SEO friendly and optimized for the search, It is possible to rank your gig at the first page! Stay active in Fiverr and send effective buyer requests to the potential buyers!!
  7. It happens because sometime, some sellers remain offline and for this when you search for your gig, It shows up. But when most of the sellers are online, and they have a well optimized gig, They show up first than your gig! That's happened to me also!
  8. Please don't ever want to take payment outside fiverr! They can scam you and it also violates fiverr TOS
  9. Fiverr suggests some subcategory when you want to create your gig! Follow those and you will find the best results!
  10. Fiverr is a professional marketplace, and it is perfect for beginners! Other platforms are much complicated than fiverr I think.
  11. Dimensions of Fiverr Forum Cover image: (1600 X 550) Pixels 1600 width & 550 height. Size of Fiverr Forum Cover image: Image size can be up-to 5 MB
  12. Yes, of course I am interested.❤️
  13. Yes, you can. But in case of your sister, The service should be different from you, and you Can't exchange order between you and your sister. It's better to talk with the fiverr CS
  14. Yes you can! And congratulations on your achievement ! ❤️
  15. Welcome, Dear! Wish you a very good luck!
  16. Yes! Sure. If you are a new seller, Buyer request is a very effective way to get the order from fiverr! Most of the seller on fiver get their first order from buyer requests! So please try to use it. Fiverr will give you the chance to send 10 buyer request a day! Wishing you very good luck on Fiverr 🙂
  17. Please Contact Support with the issue! They will help you.
  18. Obviously your own picture with a smiley face, That will look professional!! DO NOT USE DOWNLOADED INTERNET PICTURES for your fiverr profile! They will remove it as it is a face picture, and It can harm your profile! SO, be you!. Best wishes!
  19. Congratulations on your achievement, Brother! Keep it up ❤️
  20. If everything is okay, then please wait 3 days and the order will automatically be completed!
  21. Yes you can! And it is the best way to handle multiple work when you are on pressure!
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