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  1. @mariashtelle1 Your suggestion was good.
  2. Stay active on Fiverr Install Fiverr mobile app Send 10 buyers requests daily And wait for your turn, you will get orders soon.
  3. Hello @data_entry_adep, First of all it is Fiverr, if I am not wrong 🙂 You have spent enough time on Fiverr but it seems you are not consistent. Let me tell you few things: Be active on Fiverr all the time. Install Fiverr mobile app. Send 10 buyer requests daily. Make your gig image and description perfect. Share your gig on other platforms. Be consistent, do all that I said daily so you can get orders. Thank you!
  4. Hello @hamidreza15 , Being a new seller is tough. You will have to send 10 buyer requests daily to get the projects because you do not have any statistics yet. When you will have at least 10-20 reviews on your profile then you may get client responses in your inbox and then you may have orders directly without sending buyer requests. My suggestion for you: Send 10 buyer requests dailyActive most of the time on FiverrInstall Fiverr mobile appThanks 🙂
  5. Hello @rakib_sarker , Remember few things: Make your gig image, description perfect. Make a competitive pricing strategy. Be active on Fiverr most of the time. Install the Fiverr mobile app. Send 10 buyer requests daily. Be consistent and never lose hope, I saw people not getting the first order for months and now they are TRS and Level 2 sellers. Thank you!
  6. Hello @ashraful231 , To get more impressions and clicks, remember the following: Be active on Fiverr most of the time. Install the Fiverr mobile app. Use a good gig image, as it’s the first impression that the buyers see. Send 10 buyer requests daily if you are a new seller. Make a competitive pricing strategy on your gigs. Thank you!
  7. Hello @nimrakhan123 , You are right, this is usually happening in our society when people get trained they leave us. But here are my few suggestions: Provide them with a flexible environment. Increase the salary on a regular basis so they do not think of another office 🙂 Be friendly to them. Give bonus like on Eid, new year, etc. There is no guarantee that they will not leave but at least they will think that the owner is very good with us when thinking of Leaving your office. The partner should be in your niche like e.g if you are a designer then your partner should also be a designer or website developer, means related work. Thanks!
  8. Hello @nimrakhan123, You are absolutely right that we have short of hours when getting continuous orders. Developing an agency is not an easy task but we have to develop it to make our business improve. Let me tell you few things: Before going to create an agency, let your own skills and account be perfect so you do not have a shortage of money and orders. Creating office space: if you cannot handle it yourself, let you find any partner so in this way the expenses will be divided. And the last thing is that hire people as internees and trained them, doing so will not cost you much and you, in the end, will have a complete team of professionals. Thank you!
  9. Hello @mdabdullah360, Being a new seller you will not get the buyer requests all the time, instead you will get the buyer requests at random time and then these buyer requests will disappear after some time. Things to do: Be active on Fiverr all the time. Install the Fiverr mobile app. Share your gig on social media platforms. Use good keywords/tags in your gig. Provide quality work so you get more orders in the future. Thank you!
  10. Hello sharminnshima, There is no problem in deleting your current gig and creating a new one if your the current gig is also new, so that is fine. But keep in mind one thing that while creating a new gig, do not upload your current gig image. It may arise issue for you. Thank you!
  11. Hello rakibbhasan, To get more impressions and clicks, do the following: Install Fiverr mobile app so you are active most of the time. Sent the 10 buyer requests daily. Make your gig image perfect so people can click on it. Share on social media platforms. Provide quality work so you get more orders and eventually you will be appear more in searches. Use of good keywords/tags. Thank you!
  12. Hello, that is great. Now just wait for the buyer and send him the reminder from time to time. Tip: Whenever you are discussing the project with the buyer do tell him to install Fiverr mobile app so the communication becomes easy for both of you. Thank you!
  13. Hello thesoulcages, There is one thing name “Requirements” when creating gig. You need to specify the requirements for each gig and state the answer as mandatory so the buyer must answer it before placing order. Second thing is that make the delivery days more than the actual work to be done. Like if you can complete your work in 2 days then make the delivery days 3 or days so you have more days in spare. Thank you!
  14. Hello, keep on sending buyer requests. When you get more orders then you appear more in searches and eventually the impressions and clicks will be improve.
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