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  1. Thanks I just read the article on the link you posted about rising talent. It's very enlightening. I just wish my gig could be picked. 😀
  2. Yes I agree with you @melanielm When one comes online, the platform should give notification from the fellow's last visit or show unread messages only. That would be nice.
  3. Hey, Kay,

    There is an easy emoji puzzle up for any interested newbie. I remembered you said you wanted to play when there was one. 

  4. You are always available to help out. Thank you 👏👏
  5. Congratulations, I wish you more tips👍
  6. "Every user will see different search results, so your gig might show up on page one for one user, and page 13 for another". Thanks for this elucidation, I was thinking everyone that searches, sees the same specific gig in same specific position or page that another person sees it too. I never knew a gig may show up on page one for one person and same gig then shows up on page 13 for another, as you said. Quite interesting.
  7. "There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which may include: Order cancellations Delivery rate Responsiveness The particular Gig’s maximum number of active orders in the queue, as based on your seller level. Other Gigs performing at a higher rate" These factors you mentioned above are very valuable points, worthy of note. Thank you for educating some of us. We value your contributions. 👍👍
  8. Thank you @asaduzzamanweb, I love the beautiful fonts you used here to spell the word "Congratulations". I wish you all the best!
  9. Yeah, it will surely come, very soon😀👍
  10. Hi @fastweber, Just keep checking from time to time, soon you will begin to see some BRs you may wish to respond to by sending offers. It would help more if you download the fiverr.com App for quick access. I hope this helps 👍😄
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