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  1. i told him to put the same face of a picture i gave him, it was an easy stone head with not so much work to put in. Even it could had being vectorized and i would have accepted that. Dont think i gave him an impossible project or that i was expecting too much, i told him to do it on a kinda cartoony way. Im not lying on my benefit, i was really dissaponted on what he gave me, he even didnt make an effort on the work, it looked like if he did it at the last hour. I MEAN he took all the pictures i gave him as references and did them like a kid collage for the background and those images obviously have copyright… Yes i just need to wait until fiverr response, i already took picture off all.
  2. thanks for your good blessings, I hope so too
  3. Thanks man i will have that on mind in all the next week, glad there are people who have interest to help! 🙂
  4. Thanks! i did it a few minutes ago, now i just need to wait 🙂
  5. I dont want to take that mentality of matching a scammers with those kinds of responses and always be on a defensive position, i contact 3 different sellers and the 3 of them gave me the same response. I mean if i present you a project knowing that i saw your seller page with your professional well made logos and with a high reputation with more than 200 jobs and by watching the reviews believing that you are a professional. I would accept those those words ``SURE I CAN DO IT´´. But as i said i dont want to burn that seller, not until i have my money back.
  6. This is definitely a false claim , not all the sellers are great however that doesn’t mean that they are scammers , we can all have bad experiences with someone though. completely false again … a seller can’t see the review until they review the buyer Sorry to say but ''I ordered a logo with a blue atlantean holding a pit of fire ‘’ is a bit unrealistic for 30 bucks… Well i contacted him, showed the project, how i wanted and if he was able to do the job before purchasing the premium deal i specify my budget as it said. He replied me ``SURE I CAN DO IT SIR´´ But even it could be unrealistic (knowing that a good logo maker could clearly do it, dont tell me its unrealistic cause in his seller page the logos he had as presentation were really professional, detailed and with a high value in looking.) He didnt respect the premium package, it says 3 logo design and he gave me 2 logos that are the same logo…
  7. i would rather to do that at the end of the reclamation, i already put a ticket on support on my case, i dont know if posting his name with his work could be witch hunt but i will edit the post in a few minutes so you can have an idea of how he did the logo.
  8. Hey have a beautiful day everyone! Sorry if you see misspellings Days ago i requested a Food business logo for my restaurant and now that the seller delivered me the final work i have to say im really dissatisfied with it. It clearly does not match with what i wrote him down not even the 20 percent of what I request. I selected the option to cancel the order but I am informed that the seller can decide whether to accept the cancellation or not and i feel like this will be an arm wrestling match between him and me until one of us tires of canceling. I ordered a logo with a blue atlantean holding a pit of fire with the name of my brand, i pointed with the images i gave him in a .ZIP of how i wanted the face and body of the Atlantean followed by the colors pointed as well, i showed him in another carpet ideas of how this ancient warrior looked like so he can familiarize with the concept. (I also wrote him down the same thing before the payment and he told me that with out problem he could do it). At the end he just delivered me 2 logos´´ that are literally the same with an image that i never showed him, its a common image you can find in google typing Atlantean´´. He just copy and posted it in the work followed with the name of the brand in brushed style with a collage as background with all the images in the ZIP that i gave him AND! i paid him more than 30 bucks. The work he has posted in his seller page does not match with the work he delivered me even that i paid for the premium package. I feel SCAMMED! I wonder if somebody have been in this situation before and if its possible to ask fiverr for my refund to my bank account, i dont want to be scammed again. In a few words, i just want my money back into my debit card. from a respond in the discussion:
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