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  1. For music and sound design as well as mixing: Logic Pro X. For editing a large amount of dialog: Pro Tools.
  2. Well, to update the thread - I heard back and wasn’t approved. I’m a bit surprised and bummed. What I think I’m lacking is really big names in my portfolio. Looking at some of the other composers in Fiverr Pro, they’re listing big IP. Although I do have some big IP projects and such, I’m guessing it’s not enough to make that bar of entry. The good news is I have several large projects coming out soon and I think that should help. I’ll reapply in the future. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing my current, regular Fiverr gigs and my other stuff to build up even more experience and credentials.
  3. Good point @humanissocial! I’ll keep waiting - meanwhile I’m still active on my regular Fiverr gigs.
  4. Hello one and all! I submitted my application to Fiverr Pro back on Nov 23rd and haven’t heard anything else since then. Granted there was the Thanksgiving holiday and such but I’m just curious how long this process takes? I feel very qualified based on the clients I’ve worked with (Dragon Ball Z, MechWarrior, Monopoly, Clue, Dean Martin, Game of Life, The Mortal Instruments iOS game) and the 15 years experience I have. I felt I was thorough in my app - giving plenty of examples of my work and credentials. But I’m just curious what the experience of others, especially those who got approved, was when applying. Is this amount of delay typical? Unusual? Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks all for the support and info on here! I cranked up my hustle and got back to a 90% completion rate. So I’m all good to go. With quite a bit of time before the next evaluation! (Whew!) And I’ve made some new connections and earned a bit more cash. For those curious how I built things back up - I offered a limited time discount on my basic package for one of my gigs. Then I checked out the Buyer’s Requests several times a day. That seemed to really help. Thanks all! Nate
  6. I can only speak to my own experience - but I sent out an email and got a response the same day. It was a personalized and relevant response too. So I was actually quite pleased with the response I got.
  7. Thank you so much English_Voice. I really appreciate your input and support on this. I’ve been pushing pretty hard the past few days and am already up to more completed sales, both with 5 star reviews. I’m not back up to the 90% requirement and will keep pushing but it’s progress. Thanks again! Nate
  8. Very interesting discussion! My level MAY drop if I don’t get additional sales over the next few weeks due to having to cancel one order after the buyer started making requests that I couldn’t fulfill. It’s frustrating too because over the 6 years I’ve been a part of Fiverr - my overall cancellation rate is 2.7% (15 cancelled orders vs. 554 completed ones). I wish in times of extra slow sales - like during Covid-19 for me - Fiverr would take into consideration the large® picture instead of just the small one.
  9. Interesting discussion for sure! Thanks for linking me! It was my thought that even if I ended up getting demoted, I would eventually get back to a Level 2 seller once sales activity picks back up. This has also fueled me to redo some of my promo materials - they could use an update for sure - which will also help generate traffic. Appreciate the link!
  10. Hey all, I’ve got some frustrations with the Level 2 Requirements - Seller Review system in Fiverr. A bit of context: I’ve been a seller (and buyer) on Fiverr since 2014. I have 554 completed orders on my account with a 5 star rating. I have had 15 orders cancelled over the life of my time with Fiverr. That’s 2.71%. And many of these past cancellations were due to buyers placing an order without reading my gig and then wanting to back out (i.e. for example requesting I do voice acting when that’s not offered at all, etc). The last few months have seen a drastic slow down in orders for me. Perhaps it’s COVID-19 related, I’m not sure. So in the last 30 days I’ve only had two orders. One was completed and the client was VERY happy. The other was just cancelled because the buyer wasn’t happy with the delivery and was making requests that I didn’t feel I could complete given the amount of time and the price point set for that order. I kindly and professionally requested he get a full refund and that we stop work on that order. So now my completion rate is 50% and I’m at risk of losing my Level 2 Seller rank. It’s my wish that in months when orders are VERY low, the level requirements would take into account the stats of a longer period of time. That exceptions could be made for sellers that actually have a very long track record of completing orders successfully, as I have had, but are just having an abnormally slow month. I wish an exception could be made or a longer period of time reviewed given that so many of us are having slower sales during COVID-19. Thoughts? In the mean time, I’ve beefed up some more advertising elsewhere to try and drive more customers to my Fiverr page in hopes to get more sales and raise my completion rate up. Hope ya’ll are staying safe and healthy. Nate
  11. This is the second month where I’ve had to contact Fiverr support to refresh/reset my Response Rate. I have zero unread messages and have responded to each and every one of them. This is in both Messages and in Notifications (should I have an active order, etc). Last month Fiverr was really quick to address this and fix it but it’s just super annoying to have it happen again. Furthermore I’ve been on Fiverr for four years so to have it suddenly start happening to me is confusing but reading through various forums it sounds like this bug has been around for years. I sure wish they would fix it.
  12. Thanks for your reply and your thoughts! Interesting idea bout the explainer videos. I already do offer composition as one of my gigs. I also offer custom sound design for things like animations, logo sequences, short films and video games. I agree with you that there’s great value in offering specific gigs for specific needs like you mentioned. And I think my gigs already do that, at least to a degree. But maybe I can improve upon that. I’ll see how I can tweak my gigs so it better communicates who can benefit from my services and who my target audience is. I really appreciate your time! Thanks, Nate
  13. Hey all! I’ve been a part of Fiverr for nearly 5 years now and it’s been a great experience. As my stature grew, I would increase my rates, usually tied to some number of ratings milestone (i.e. 50 ratings, 100 ratings, etc). With each rate increase, I found some drop off in buyers but usually several stay while others join on. I’m now at 441 reviews (just about all of them 5 stars!) so I increased my rates again. And then I’ve had a dry spot. Now it’s only been 1 week… so the logical side is telling me this could have nothing to do with my rates. We all know how there are feast and famine periods with any freelancing business. But I can’t lie - it makes me a bit nervous. Would any of you mind looking at my gigs and telling me what you think? I felt the number of reviews, positive stats of completing jobs on time and responding fast to buyers would be enough to show that I offer a great product. But maybe I raised my rates a bit too much? I’d love and appreciate any of your input. Thanks! Nate
  14. And it was literally only about a minute left to go for him to respond to the dispute request - so I’ve given this buyer as much time as I could. I wish he was better at responding but as you said - it’s not my issue. I’m doing all I can from my end.
  15. I see your point. I’ve withdrawn the dispute and the order is marked delivered. We’ll see what he does and if he ever responds. Thanks for the input!
  16. And this is one order out of 406 completed order with 5 star ratings and on time deliveries. I don’t like having to cancel anything but I want to do the right thing. After all, you can’t please everyone.
  17. Understood but if the buyer just doesn’t respond at all… aside from saying their not happy - what options do I really have? It doesn’t feel right to collect the money when they’re not happy with the product but they also have an obligation as a buyer to also have good communication.
  18. The countdown says it’s late - and when I view the order on my dashboard it’s listed as late as well. The buyer only has two more hours to either accept or reject the resolution (i.e. full refund) then the order is automatically canceled. I’m fine giving him a full refund - I just want to have my buyer profile be as accurate as possible.
  19. I had a buyer not happy with what I’d delivered, he requested a modification so I did a total of 9 different versions. That was delivered and then he never approved them but just sent me a message saying they weren’t what he wanted. He said he would be happy to pay me 40-50% of the total gig price but not the full price. I didn’t think Fiverr worked that way so the only two real options were to accept it outright - or do a full refund by cancelling the gig. I didn’t hear back from him so I tried to do the right thing and cancel the gig and refund him the full amount. Now this order is marked “LATE” even though it was delivered (even with a modification) before the actual due date. And now the buyer still hasn’t responded even to the cancel request… So in this situation, it feels like I’m being penalized by a late delivery mark on my profile. I have a 5 star rating and haven’t been late ever before on a delivery. So maybe I shouldn’t be bothered by this but it feels like the system needs tweaking. And if the buyer can’t even respond to get a refund issued by me… then why penalized the seller? I love Fiverr for the most part but some of their systems and workflow need tweaking.
  20. Ah, I didn’t know that. Alright, that settles it then. Thank you!
  21. I think it’s a shame that you cannot rate a buyer if they choose not to leave your gig a review. I just finished up with a terrible buyer who did a lot of things wrong: requesting things never offered in my gig (even after I had delivered the work), extremely poor and confusing communication and finally abandoning the gig. It did time out automatically and I did get paid, thankfully. But it’s a shame that, without a review, he’s likely to do this to other vendors.
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