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  1. Social Media platforms are the best to get orders. However, custom orders do not help to rank the Gig. Try to improve your Gig’s SEO to get organic orders.
  2. My pleasure, best wishes for your freelance future.
  3. My pleasure, I’ll keep sharing some more after making sure that those tip are not already posted here 😊
  4. Definitely it will help you get more order because completed course are going to show up on your profile and it has a strong impact on the buyer who visits your profile.
  5. I’m glad and would love it if it helps someone even a little bit.
  6. Definitely, but I’ll recommend you to try finding free courses from different websites (e.g. YouTube) in case you don’t find it for free then surely go for the paid one.
  7. Hi Top Rated Sellers To Be, (I’ve been on Fiverr since 2017 and been away for a while for some reasons. Created new account again.). Never rush while your account setup neither in creating Gigs. Over 70% of new sellers don’t use tactics and end up with leaving Fiverr and calling it useless. I know 7-10 freelancers of 18-24 yrs old and they are feeding their families and started their business by investing the money earned from Fiverr. All they had was commitment, combination of hard and smart work and expertise in their field (interest based, not paid skills). 1- Commitment Earning from freelancing is based on your priorities. Sometimes you want to sleep but you have to stay online to respond buyer on time, delivering the project and making sure you don’t miss an authentic buyer request which have more than 80% chances of getting order from. Once your Gig ranks higher, you can hire newbies who can do work up to 90% less price of the actual project cost because they are not getting have work because they don’t know how to work. It is hard to find the right team because each field experts are in different countries mostly. Once you established a team, your work is automated, you just have to communicate with the buyer and give directions to your team. By doing this you’ll save both time and money. But again you have to sacrifice in the beginning. 2- Combination of Hard and Smart Work Most people rely on hard work and others on smart and they end up with disappointment. You’ve to keep both of these parallel in order to rank your Gig and satisfying the customer so that he will be a returning client and will definitely bring new clients to you. *I’ve experienced it bro. 3- Master in Skills I’m not against the paid skills but what I’m sharing here is what I’ve experienced. All the successful sellers I know had interest in sector they are selling their services in. So analyze your interests first and start improving it by availing free and paid courses. I hope this gets you well. Sincerely, Team Webious
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