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  1. Update: The seller has stopped contacting me via email and Fiverr. This has been a crazy learning experience. Don’t use the same username all over the internet!
  2. Update: So the guy contacting me via email identified himself as Michael Kemple (a name I hadn’t seen before). I went to contact the seller on Fiverr that provided the services mentioned in the harassing email and asked him what he wanted. The Fiverr seller then claimed that he wasn’t the one harassing me. Problem is, the harassing emails that I received include a direct mention of the jobs that I sent to that Fiverr seller, including information that would only be able to be seen via our private messages on Fiverr… I’m hoping he got scared, maybe even saw this thread.
  3. Reply to @fonthaunt: The guy cancelled my jobs right before completion... it was important that they were done on time. If I cancelled, I wouldn't be able to warn people about this guy's shady behavior. He obviously has been doing this stuff "behind the scenes" for a long time based upon the way he has been communicating with me.
  4. This was his latest message: "Bisnar, Keep in mind that, as long you give free negative feedback , you will receive the same. The feedback with Lawyer **** **** of ****** www.*****************.com it will propagate on the Internet . Let me know please if you want any web design for this websites as well. ********.com ***************.com **************************.com *************.org" It seems like he is now finding all the websites I manage and is making vague threats. I don’t know what the hell his deal is. I just asked him to tell me what he needs to leave me alone. I provide a great service and I don’t want any negative reviews. Not to mention whatever other damage he could do. He seems to be good at researching me…
  5. Reply to @saraallen: I’m waiting on a response from him now. I want assurances from him that he isn’t going to go on his bashing campaign regardless of my response. The problem is that I thought he was someone else when he first started threatening me because the job I assigned to him I then assigned to someone else when he couldn’t complete it. The person who ordered a logo from me that I then ordered from the Fiverr seller wanted some modifications done and I sent those modification requests to the new Fiverr seller that I chose after my first choice failed to deliver. So in the emails responding to his initial threats I was like “you’re speaking broken English and not making any sense. Will you be completing the designs soon?”. He might have thought I was antagonizing him with the language barrier and misunderstanding. This whole this is a giant dumb mess.
  6. Reply to @willpower_hk: I’m sure that’s what he did! I just did that and it popped up with my info 😦
  7. Reply to @nickih: He sent me an email somehow. When I replied it included my email signature so he got all of my business information as well as my personal info.
  8. Reply to @willpower_hk: It seems like I will have to fall victim to his threats… I don’t want my business image jeopardized. The job I had this guy do was a 24 hour job. He contacted me the next day to let me know he couldn’t do it. As a business owner who works on deadlines, that is unacceptable…I needed to warn anyone else who uses his services that he did not deliver his product as promised. Who knows how many times this guy has done this and just threatened his way out of it. I’ve bought 183 jobs on Fiverr, but this is my last one.
  9. I’ve got a Fiverr seller threatening me. He says he is going to leave negative reviews of me all over the internet and post our email communications online. The guy is emailing me in broken English. I believe he is saying that I gave him a negative review and that if I don’t change it he will make good on his threats. This guy is calling me at 3:00am and sending threatening emails. He is a top rated seller… fragglesrock. What do I do? I don’t want my business to get a bunch of bad reviews online… he seems serious. Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed. Please contact Customer Support if you need help.
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