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  1. I am not a seller here but I have been using PayPal since 7 years and no matter how complicated they are, there isn’t any better substitute. PayPal gives you best conversion rate with peace of mind. I don’t like PayPal for their heavy transaction charges but this is the price of security and I pay it.
  2. Well Paypal is NOT offering 59Rs=1$, not since 6 months at least. Its been above 60 for many months.
  3. Great Points, certainly coming from experienced guy. Anyone working online must have a thumb rule, NEVER EVER deliver work in advance on the promise of future payment or referrals. If your work is great, people will find you and good clients refer anyway so you don’t need to do any favours or free work for that. I am not a seller here, I just purchase services but outside I have been burnt by a client for meagre hundreds of dollars who paid 8K in the previous month so no matter how trusted a client is, always take upfront payment and then deliver.
  4. bisnar6665 I have been working 10 years on the internet (I just buy voice over here) and so I can say I had very good share of fake buyers, immature voice-over artists and kids claiming to be reputable copywriters. When things go wrong, they threaten to leave bad reviews, kill your dog or hire north korean government but all you need to do is just laugh over it. I have handled campaigns for restaurants, construction companies, doctors and they are the one who are most prone to such threats but no one ever came this close to doing anything real. If you will have an angry service provider who could actually harm your business, he won’t warn you. Trust me. Yes of course you should report it to the unsupportive customer support but that’s it. Grab a beer and laugh over that stupid.
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