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  1. I’m Canadian. I’ve used “bro” in feedback, like “Bro, this is so good!” But I have yet to do something in the initial contact like “Hello Bro, I’m wondering if you would be willing to do a landscape at the Basic tier inspired by the following text:”
  2. That’s super bizarre. I’ve accepted about 37 deliveries so far, some of which I skipped the review and didn’t tip. A decent number of the reviews I did give are one-liners. I haven’t encountered that. A few had request for reviews inside the delivery message, but I haven’t been asked for anything after accepting the delivery.
  3. One other possible mark against OOO for the sellers: I was negotiating with one seller who entered this mode during negotiations. He asked for a longer due date and I accepted, so he sent a custom offer. The Continue button was greyed out for me. It seems a buyer can’t accept these types of arrangements if you’re in the OOO mode. Personally, I’ve accepted every due date extension that’s been proposed to me. I don’t feel it’s something sellers should hesitate about. You could also sound the buyer out asking about general project deadlines. I have a sort of “print deadline” of late July. People send me the due date extension requests full of apologies and prostrations, but I never cared about getting in three days to begin with. I have open orders right now for simple $5 watercolours due June 15th because the seller asked for time and it doesn’t impact me. If a buyer knows what they’re doing they’ll have a flexible schedule with room to accommodate sellers. It gives a buyer options when they can offer accommodations. It’s a better practice.
  4. That’s basically what I was thinking when I came in. Part of my budget is just “learning Fiverr” where I take losses to run into all the pitfalls without being too disrupted by it. I essentially pay people to audition (after checking first via Contact Me, I pay for a Basic tier just to see what I get for a Basic tier). I go through 20 people, find 5 people I like and want to continue working with. What actually happens though is those 5 people raise their prices and I’m back where I started needing to pay people to audition. A buyer’s scouting/try-out budget needs to be very high, both in cash and time. I don’t think there’s going to be a good general rule of thumb though. But probably, the more nitpicky technical the thing is you’re buying, probably the higher ratio the scouting budget will need to be. My “fail” rate on $5 artists is about 25%, but for $25 D&D writers it’s about 80%. For artists, I can easily say “close enough, ship it”, and plop it on a page. For D&D writers, when considering things I don’t want on a page, there’s spelling, grammar, internal consistency, gameplay balance. It’s rare I regret my art orders. It’s common I regret my D&D writing orders.
  5. Are you talking about the seller or an automatic bot :robot: The seller, in the text box where they described their changes/updates/the delivery. It’s marked as a message from them.
  6. I’ve been going at a pace where I’ll run a few orders through the same person every day or so. I noticed that sometimes on the 3rd or 4th delivery, they’re reminding me to leave a review. But, I had already reviewed them 3 or 4 times. I go to confirm my review is in place, and I see a bit of tiny grey boilerplate text saying the review will be posted on a certain date or when the seller leaves a review. I pointed that part out to them, and then their reviews came through a little while later. I think a lot of sellers might not know about this blind reviews phase where the reviews are held and it’s beneficial to them to review back.
  7. Oh, I thought this was where to put suggestions. What is the proper channel to send suggestions? I haven’t used Block yet in case it puts a negative SEO mark on people I block as if they had done something bad. How do I find Studios? I saw them mentioned in another thread, but I didn’t see them mentioned on any of the features I have access to. Is it under Fiverr Business or something? Thanks for the reply!
  8. A few comments based on how things are going for me as a buyer: It’s a struggle to find people who I expect to fit what I’m looking for. I get a LOT of “dud” results. If I set a Max Budget and toggle Commercial License to On, I get things where the bottom tier fits my budget, but does not include commercial license at the bottom tier. It’s like the search is checking if commercial license is available at all, and then checking the price. So I get results I can’t use where commerical license is not available at my max budget price. I would like a “Hide” function in Search to put away profiles I’m avoiding for price reasons or the initial interaction didn’t go well. I search in pretty broad terms to I can find and check anyone offering what I’m looking for, so I see the same people a lot and it slows me down to figure out if I already passed on them or not. Right now I’m putting the people I want to ignore in a List, and then not skipping in search anyone I have in a List. I would like to be able to set categories in the Manage Orders section. Ex, I have Art, Writing, and Code sellers’ tasks sorted chronologically, but I have tasks coming in and out for the three. It takes me a while to hunt down and sort through which tasks are open since some sellers are grinding through tasks faster than others. I had to set up a separate google doc to track who is doing what and what stage our interactions are at. As a probably too-edge-case suggestion… By the time all my writing tasks are delivered, I’ll have probably about 200 art tasks available. I’ve found a decent number of artists I’m willing to just open up the tasks to. It would be cool if I could fill a sort of “bounty board” as I get the writing back and can make art tasks, and invite the approved sellers to it and let them work through it. Right now I spend a lot of time searching for, filtering, and negotiating quotes with sellers. It would save me a lot of time, and I could put more money through the system in a shorter time, if I was able to “automate” my task distribution like that.
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