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  1. I’m trying to search how to communicate with CS here. Do I just send like a request or is there a chat option for them as well?
  2. will do that. I was so excited someone messaged me. Unfortunately got a scammer 😔
  3. she mentioned that it’s kinda prank task, because she won a bet from her friend. That’s why he’s filling in for her “freelance job”.
  4. She was trying to buy my gig, and my task is to manage a dummy account for her friend that she wants to prank. She said I’ll play the role of her boss. And her friend will fill in for her. She just wants me to do some random tasks and assign tasks for his friend. Because she said she told her friend that she’s doing freelance job.
  5. I just created my fiverr account 4 days ago. I was offering admin works and SMM. I got a query and would like me to do some random task and asking for my ■■■■■. She said I’ll play as her boss and her friend will fill in for her. She wants to ask for my ■■■■■ id. Weird. Is that even normal? We haven’t closed any deal because I am scared to create an offer for the task she’s asking.
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