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  1. Me and my kids create videos ads for products that clients sent us to show in our videos. Last monts a buyer sent me a product that we shoot in our video and the gig states we will give a 45 sec edited video. The client asked me 3 free photos wich i aggreed. I showed the buyer the watermarked video before the deliever and he was like oh my god, that is incredible, perfect thank you! After that he started to ask me the raw footage wich is not part of the gig and we never give to anyone. He just started to claim that is his right to have it and he will not accept the deliever without the row files. After few strong messages from him i decided to deliever the files (1 edited video and 3 free photos). He started to ask for a revision because the gig was incomplete… I contacted the Fiverr Staff and they (after few days) basicly told me that there is nothing they can do… I said ok, i keep deliever the files every day once a day of the files i was paid to deliever. Today the order was cancelled by the Customer Support because i abused of the deliever button… this is just it. I am totally speachless by this… if this behavior from a buyer is supported by the CS then all of this is really sad… we worked hard for a full day for a professional video and because the client wanted free stuff not included in the gig, i not losed the gig money, but i was given a warning for abusing the deliever button because i was uploading the files i was paid to create. I feel betrayed by this platform. Valentina
  2. If the CS see that i am in the right side can they make the buyer to accept the video?
  3. I am expecting to rise on 2 level seller in few days as well but this can really affect it. I am concerned to have worked 1 entire day for nothing. I hope the CS see the history of the chat and confirm the bad behavior of the buyer.
  4. i contacted the CS but i wanted to check if someone had similar weird experiences. For me is the first time and i hope will be the last.
  5. I mean, we did more than 50 videos and we had a couple of clients asking for the raw footage but as we declined their request they just accepted it and never make it an issue. The gig says that will be delievered a 60 sec video and that is what i am trying to deliever him. He even was very happy with the video quality but after i deny the raw footage he just started to make issues.
  6. Hi everyone, i create short video ads for clients with my kids. I made a video for a client wich was very happy with the results until he asked me for the raw footage of the edited video wich is not included in the offer. He completly changed his behavior and doesn’t want accept the video anymore. I worked an entire day to make the video professional and just because i don’t release the raw footage is it right for him deny to accept the video? Thank you for your advices Valentina
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