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  1. I can't save my profile image..... What to do now 😳....
  2. O God! I don't know the use of this new forum . It's totally changed😑
  3. It’s worthy. Anyway, If you want to get something good, you have to give something good…
  4. Welcome to fiverr! Best of luck 😊
  5. Congratulations! You got that what you deserve 😊
  6. You are right. @roykeiko you should delete your other accounts.
  7. You need to active on fiverr to get more impression. You can download fiverr app in your mobile phone and you can do that easily.
  8. Be patient 🙂 If you are a new buyer then it will take a long time to get your first order.
  9. Thank you so much for trusting Fiverr. 🙂
  10. Share ur gigs in social media. Also share your gig link in this forum, so that expert seller can give you some advice.
  11. Hello Everyone! I am a seller in fiverr. Its been more than 1 month but I don’t get any order. Please check my gigs and tell me what I missed out. Fiverr.com estuary07's public profile on FiverrI am a expert worker and my working ground is based on Designing, Writing, Data Entry, Translation and Transcribing . I can also make a unique Logo for you. I work with honesty, sincerity and professionalism. Clients satisfaction is my main target. Please, please, please… I really need to know 🙏
  12. I do not get massages on Fiverr either. Massage But I do get messages. Message It took me 45 days to get my first order. Some people never get orders or messages. Typo 🥴 But now, I think I should get some massage too 🤥
  13. Hello Everyone! I am a seller in fiverr. I have spent more than 1 month but I don’t get a single message​:slightly_frowning_face:. Getting work, sooooo far. Please give me some courage 😣 at least …
  14. Hello Everyone! I am a new seller in fiverr. Please check my gigs 🙂
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