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  1. Sometime I deal with buyers which are new to fiverr and they find difficulties in requesting revision, so should I deliver via deliver again or force them to first click on request revision/modification? Will it affect anything about order or policy to deliver revisions via deliver again option? Thanks!!
  2. Thank you so much it cleared my doubts, just one thing how to tell fiverr my fy income below 500k because my monthly earnings in fiverr not exceed more than 200usd so they don’t cut 1 percent also thanks again
  3. Best to choose exempt I also did that as my monthly earnings not even crossed 200 usd sonu think it’s best option
  4. Yes it’s tax after some reply here got to know it’s tax cutting I filled all details let’s see now what happen
  5. I’m sure it’s not only fiverr’s choice but your government requirements that fiverr has to follow by adding 5% TDS tax. Yes maybe but there should be clear statements or some mail about taxes in details from fiverr
  6. Ok thanks buddy will ask if pan doesn’t solve problem
  7. Thanks will add that but really it’s horrible if they charge 5 percent of tds 😔
  8. I filled every details just not added pan card also they don’t say it’s compulsory, is it necessary??
  9. Yes this months order now charging 25 percent one buyer order for 25 usd and after completion I got 18.75 usd instead of 20 usd very strange 😕
  10. This month fiverr started to take 25 percent of commission from every orders and tip also really don’t know why this happening Just to know I am from India if it has anything to do with the cause
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