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  1. Most Welcome from the Bottom of my Heart Dear. Keep Patience and Keep improving your Skills. Best Of Luck.
  2. Very Nice Information and should every new comer apply this to be succeed. Good Keep it up.
  3. Hi Fiverr Community, I have completed "Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller" yesterday will high marks. I want to know when will I get the training badge. Is there any time frame limit or as soon as the course ended with successful marks Fiverr awarded that badge? Waiting for reply from experienced Fiverr members who completed the same task. Regards, Sheraz3495
  4. Hi all FIVERR users during my Fiverr usage experience I noticed that we can not edit our sent request even for a short period of time am I right? Like here we can edit our topic, Text for a short period of time. If yes then Fiverr team should add an option even for a short period of time for example for 5 minutes after you submit your Buyer request. Need your valuable suggestions. regards' sheraz3495
  5. Welcome and all the very best for future.
  6. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/forum/16-tips-for-sellers/ @shakilafried
  7. @shakilafried Thanks for asking such nice question. Tips: Work Hard, Stay Connected, Improve your Skills, Keep Patience, Keep Sending Buyer Request but should relevant to your job, Never lose hope due to orders. Do research Work for your GIG. Best Of Luck. Regards.
  8. @ developer_ks Thanks for this Valuable Advice well appriciated.
  9. Agreed with @uchihashahin01 brother.
  10. Welcome to the Fiverr Family wishing all new comers Good Luck and Prosperity.
  11. Most Welcome all New Comers and Best of Luck for the future.
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