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  1. Thank you for your response but unfortunately the order has been cancelled even after sending the CS proof of all the work done so that they can communicate with the client.
  2. It doesn’t matter when to “report” it to CS. Most likely they will still tell to try to communicate and resolve it with buyer. @mercyvictorian did you agree upfront on the number of images that will be included in the order? Yes we did. 30 total posts with captions. And all was delivered, I actually have delivered more that 5 times. Now I have received a warning from fiverr that I have been unprofessional 😦 I am so devastated.
  3. She reported immediately, we are still trying to resolve the issue. I have explained my part and sent all the posts again to CS so waiting 😦
  4. Kindly help / advise. We had an amazing start with the buyer, coached me to understand her service and we spoke almost every day. I finally completed the project and she was pleased with my efforts. I delivered all the work done as we should. She then opened a dispute mentioning she didn’t receive all the docs and images. I again sent all the work. Again opened a dispute saying I’m refusing to send her complete work done. I ask what exactly she’s missing and she responds she is missing 9 images. I ask if she can specify the topics of the images it would be easier to know which is which. She doesn’t respond. I decide to resend the whole project again, she again opens a dispute. She then reports that she didn’t get what she ordered. Now I’m worried and wondering what to do. I keep declining the order dispute and we’ve been at it for a week now…Has someone experienced this?
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