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  1. Thank you sir for providing your valuable feedback.
  2. Hello there, I hope everybody is well. I have one question. I add 5 Gig to my site but recently I want to remove One gig from here. I have not any review. If I remove this gig, Will this affect my account? Please, anyone, give me a suggestion what can I do now. Thanks in Advance
  3. That’s amazing, waitingggggggg
  4. and: The answer is: YOU DO NOT inbox the buyer. You are only allowed to respond to their Buyer’s Request through the Buyer’s Request page. If you were to go look for this buyers profile in order to bypass the Buyer’s Request page and as they are saying “in box” them - they can report your Gig for spam. And, for all you know, this may be a competitor to you who has a dummy account looking to weed out his competition by luring them to break the rules - since, most who respond to Buyer’s Requests are new sellers (and most have not read the TOS or forums to know how to respond correctly). What an ingenious way to knock out anyone in your category! Only respond to them via the Buyer’s Request page - you can only “in box” them once THEY have written back to your account - as THEY will have initiated a message with you, not the other way around. GG Thanks for your comment
  5. Hello, Fiverr Community Hope everyone is well. I have a question about the Fiverr buyer request please anyone helps me. Sometimes in Buyer Request some buyer tells inbox them. My Questions how can I inbox this buyer???
  6. Welcome to the Fiverr Forum community
  7. Send effective buyer requests every day, make your gig picture attractive and market your gig through regular social media, hopefully you will get good results.
  8. First greet the buyer. Then read the buyer’s offer well and try to understand what he wants. Then mention about yourself and what you can do for it, how you can provide services.
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