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  1. I send buyer requests regularly. But the buyer does not respond. I have already sent 1k + buyer request. I have completed only 9 jobs with 5 star rating. Please help me how to send proper buyer request? How to get jobs?
  2. Hi, I am currently working on logo design and Instagram marketing. I'm really disappointed. Even after giving good work and service, I am not getting regular work. I have successfully completed 9 orders. I send regular buyer requests. I have already sent 1178 requests. Many people send a request before I send a buyer request. What is the solution in this case? It takes me a while to read the whole thing . Please help..! help..! help..! profile link:- https://www.fiverr.com/pujan98
  3. Hi, My name is Pujan, I’m a professional, experienced, passionate graphic designer since 2018, specializing in LOGOS, ICONS, STATIONERY, and BRANDING and I love to do it. I have already completed Nine jobs successfully (5 stars). And get some tips also. But unfortunately I don't get any job for a long time. So I am Frustrated now. Please help me. Information:- I do marketing everyday. Please check my profile. And please tell me what's need to improve.
  4. How much important is a skill test to get a job? I haven't been able to find a job for 1 month. Before that I have successfully completed 9 orders. I don't really understand what to do to get a job ..! I do regular buyer requests and marketing. Please help. My profile
  5. Digital Marketing with Graphics Design --- "no one has done before." I want to share my new skill with the whole world. I have already worked for many local clients as a social media manager and they are 100% satisfy with my work. I started working here as a graphic designer. And I have skillfull myself as a Digital Marketer for the last 3 years. I have given a new gig on Instagram marketing and promotion. And as new to this sector, I am providing low cost service for my gig promotion. 100% client satisfaction is my main goal. I use my design and marketing knowledge together. Which no one has done before. And that's way you can easily reaches the target customers. Please check the creativity👉 https://www.fiverr.com/pujan98/do-instagram-marketing-and-promotion-for-superfast-organic-growth I would love to here you.
  6. Hi, I am a graphic designer. I am new here. I have a question that do I share my dribbble link in my gig description. I have no personal information in my dribbble account. Thanks.
  7. I have been working on graphic design for several years. And I have also made myself skillful in digital marketing. Can I now service in Fiverr both graphics design and digital marketing?
  8. I am a new seller at Fiverr. I have completed 8 orders. And I got a 5-star rating on each.15 days pass away, I am not getting any new orders. I send buyer requests regularly. And do marketing also. My gig impression is going down and 0 today. What if I get an order? Please help the experts.
  9. It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business. Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! for how to get more orders. thankyou for your suggestion
  10. Hi, Pujan98 here, hope everyone is healthy and well. . I am a new seller (logo design) on Fiverr. But I have several years of working experience. You will understand when you see my designs. . So far I have completed 6 logo design orders. And everyone is super happy, and some of them have given me tips. And They gave me rich feedback. If you go to my profile, you will see. . But now, I haven’t received any orders for a few days. And remember that, Since I am a new seller here, so I give 3 times more service than the price. . Please give me a suggestion.
  11. Hi, Pujan here, Experienced, passionate graphic designer specializing in LOGOS, ICONS, STATIONERY, and BRANDING. I am very happy that I have already completed 6 orders. And my clients are super happy. I also got tips. I want to go further.
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