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  1. Don't do unnecessary things. Just follow the CS guidance; they'll definitely help you because I don't see any issues from your side, be patient.
  2. Follow the standard steps before you sending offers; 01. Read the BR patiently and understand well. 02. If that BR relates to your service offerings, then go to the next step. 03. Explain to them your service offerings 04. And how you are going to give them the service.
  3. How could you do that? Buyers' requests differ from each one therefore you can't send them the same offer. You have to read the request carefully and send them the necessary offer. Don't do that, that will help you to get orders as well.
  4. There are some common reasons to happen that, 01. Gig images are not impressive 02. Gig video is not impressive 02. Gig title issues Go through these points and try to fix that.
  5. Absolutely not. Fiverr forum will help you improve your knowledge about this platform and how to succeed without doing unnecessary activities, but this won't help you get orders. Also, keep in touch with the forum; this is accurate guidance for success.
  6. I don't that's why I asked from you guys.
  7. Don't use any extensions, FIVERR doesn't recommend extensions.
  8. There's nothing you can do with that, Normally new sellers won't get BRs' continuously you have to stay alert and also create all gigs.
  9. Send buyer request as much as you can, create all 7 gigs, give the customer a good service then you'll get orders.
  10. You can't do anything on that; if the buyer leaves you a review, it'll appear in your profile. So try to give the buyer the best service then they will share their good experience and recommend you. So don't try to mess with the buyer; treat them well. If you spread good things, you'll get good things back. Good luck!
  11. Are there any possibilities to rank the gigs only for specific countries?
  12. It'll help the buyer to get services from specific buyers related to their requirements. Because of that, they can save their time and avoid bad sellers. That's all.
  13. That's a regular thing. Don't panic. Try to stay online and be patient.
  14. 1st try to create a good gig, including a good title, eye-catching gig images, description video and a good description. Once you complete all the things try to give good service to the customers and do your best. No need to stay online for 24 hours but spend the time you're on the site effectively. Then definitely you'll be able to be a good seller.
  15. If your services are good enough with 100% satisfaction, then there is no need to worry. Those customers will leave you good feedback.
  16. Warmly welcome to Fiverr Community!
  17. Thanks all for the suggestions.
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