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  1. yes, Pray For me <3 And Wishing you the Best. Good Luck
  2. Hello, I’m a new freelancer I am from Bangladesh. And YOU?
  3. But Why I don’t Receve that It’s Just Irritating for me cause why I don’t ?
  4. I haven’t face this problem but I think that you should Restart your browser By closing all the software first. Then clear Cache Memory Cookies then restart your pc It should be fix
  5. It’s My Pleasure Best Of Luck 💝
  6. ok! Listen first of all you have to turn on selling mode then go to 1.More 2.Buyer Request 3.You will get Active and Sent Offers 4. Click on active Offers Click on Active then sent Buyer request Happy Freelancing 😊
  7. Just Reply on Buyer request it will help you to get orders
  8. pray for me!! One day it will come by itself <3 😇
  9. lmao, Here me who haven’t received an message also order yet 🐸
  10. Hello, I am a new Freelancer. Now I’m confident to work in Fiverr. So I am pretty much confused that how I could get my first order? I am sending replies to buyer requestes.
  11. Ohh Ok. but, My Brother has different pc and different skills (Asus Laptop WEB Dev Skill) On the other hand, I have(HP Laptop Graphics Design and Digital Marketing Skill) Now we both wanted to switch our laptop for some personal Issues. can we do this? Is there any problem, can be happened any problem?? Note: I have already sign-in to my HP laptop and with this account!
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