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  1. Its doesn't work I use social media to stay in touch with my friends only...
  2. Hi everybody! I hope you are doing great. It's been months that I'm on fiverr I completed 2 jobs with 5 stars my gig is ranking people click on it but it's not making sales!!!!!! I don't know what's wrong I always make changes try to improve it and make it look more professional but... I need help/advice from experienced freelancers urgently! This is my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/drthanina
  3. Hey fiverr community. Can anyone check my profile and tell me what's wrong I have impressions some clicks and two 5 stars on one of my gigs but I'm not getting orders. I also changed my images and tried to make them eye-catching but... this is my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/drthanina Tell me what should I change/add or anything else. I'm really lost 😥
  4. Can you please give me some tips to turn them into sales ? https://www.fiverr.com/drthanina this is my profil
  5. Is +200 impressions and +10 clicks good? cause I’m not getting orders!
  6. hey I’m trying to add some tags but I can only add those which are suggested is it normal or not ?
  7. Hey everyone! I did a lot of work on my gigs I made many changes and my impressions and clicks increased, I received 3 messages from clients, but they didn’t put orders. I don’t understand where is the problem I have +150 impressions on my gigs and ~ 10 clicks. Can anyone check ( again 😵 drthanina | Animation for Kids, Translation | Fiverr Thank y’all
  8. so I have to be online in order to send it ?
  9. does using quick response feature really help ? If yes, can you give me some ideas or tips to create efficient ones
  10. is it correct to ask about the budget to create a custom offer ?
  11. same problem 😢 the first days when I created my gigs and edited them I had many clicks and now I have nothing
  12. Am I the only one that buyers send me messages of what they want me to do and when I respond to them (kindly of course) and I tell them what I need in order to start the job ( choose package, number of words, …) I don’t get any response ? I don’t understand where is the problem ( my response time is 1 hour)
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