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  1. This stumps me as well. Why the delay when everything has been through Fiverr and they have all the records? We should even be able to generate it ourselves from the Earnings page. But, for some reason, we have to go through an unresponsive support/"other department"? @tinants - 4 days and counting on my end. No response as of yet. Have sent in a follow-up message.
  2. I think it is just a bug. The tip should reflect accurately in your Earnings tab as a separate transaction: so $4 for the order and then $8 for the tip. Tips are not clubbed with the original order amount so you won't see $12 on the earnings page. On an unrelated note, how did you get a dark theme for Fiverr? Is it through some browser extension? Looks cool.
  3. I have just sent in the request yesterday and this post hasn't been that encouraging. 😐 My taxes for the year are due on 30th September; I can't wait a month. I really thought it was a simple exercise. By the way, I also got the same "other team...should not take long" response from CS. Let's hope for the best.
  4. That’s actually a very insightful post. Keep it up Frank!
  5. Don’t know when this will be fixed but its bringing some heat for me. Barely have had any sales in the past couple of months - compared to previous years. But that is not my main concern. I feel that this inactivity could potentially translate into disturbed rankings in the new algorithm when it is finally implemented. I hope that won’t be the case though. Personally, I believe Fiverr shouldn’t partake in such drastic changes that effect sellers on such a scale. They should do things in a more controlled manner.
  6. Yeah. One of my high-performing gig is barely getting any business since April. Hopefully, this algorithm thing will be sorted out quickly.
  7. Exactly. I am also seeing this question on my order pages despite not having added it as a requirement. It seems like a nuisance but I guess this is Fiverr doing some sort of survey to tailor their services.
  8. Got 17%. Hoping to get a couple sales from Brazil and Russia to make the map appear fuller. 😃
  9. Agreed, for the last 2-3 days, Fiverr is acting really buggy. My sales have dropped too, for no apparent reason.
  10. Its not a new issue. I had a chat with an Indian friend about it a couple of months back. She said that Payoneer can’t offer its services in India because of restrictions imposed by RBI (your central bank). I think you should go with PayPal.
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