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  1. No. This badge has been around for probably at least 5 years now. I have had it on my Gigs off and on for some time. GG I had it in the past on my main profile page - but i didn’t see it for a few years. it’s the first time i’m seeing it in this form - and wonder what changed that now i don’t have it. I assume it’s related to other sellers’ numbers as well. if I recall correctly, in the past they said we have it because our numbers are above the average… so if the average changed…
  2. Yup. image1506×492 61.3 KBActually, I can see it on all of your gigs, @vickiespencer. Including the one with 14 reviews. So it’s not based on the number of sales or reviews the gig has. Yes - so i’m pretty sure it is some sort of a test they are running
  3. I can actually see one in your proofreading Gigs too… maybe it is a test Fiverr is currently running
  4. welcome - i’m new to the forum - not to fiverr- it’s a blast to have this channel to see so many colleagues. good luck
  5. I came across this sentence and trophy in some Gigs in my category. Personally I don’t have it and I wonder how many returning clients those who have this trophy have - mind sharing?
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