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  1. Welcome at Fiverr Forum k_patrick… Wishing you best for the upcoming projects !
  2. Yes navya _r , You are absolutely right…I really hope that everyone understand it.Because of some hand full people ,our country fell into such a devastating state. The whole is world crying and supporting us but still fews people neglecting its seriousness… Frontline workers, Doctors ,immergency services , big hearted people are doing their best…but what’s value to their life and services unless we don’t understand it! Let’s Pray for all human kind ! Thanking You for your valuable statement !
  3. Welcome back… Wishing You best for coming projects.
  4. For the valuable Concerns… Thanking You all , on behalf as INDIAN !! 🙏
  5. Thank You for showing clear view ! Wishing You Success and Abundance.too .
  6. Thank You eliiclaire, for your comfortable and Worthy words ! Wishing You Success & Abundance too !
  7. Thank You …Rajwana , Wishing You Success and Abundance too!
  8. Feeling like I am entering in a comfort Zone… Thank You Sangita!
  9. Hi there, I had open my account just 15 days back, as a beginner I published my 7 gigs successfully but all the description are really incomplete at some point or other. So I edited and published it again but since than my impressions started decreasing drastically …not sure what to do?
  10. Thank You for your reply… Wishing Success Greetings to you too!
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