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  1. hello everyone, I wanted to know if I can post the link of my gig to get an evaluation from the forum experts, I state that it is not for advertising purposes, I just want to know if you think it is valid as it was set. obviously, I do not know if it is feasible by regulation this before posting it I ask you
  2. I hope to be able to have visibility and customers, I am new and really beginners with this website, I usually work for a company where I deal with designing decorations on porcelain plates, gifts and household items, I also create the design of the packaging which is then printed by the box factory. Do you have any suggestions for me to be able to better sell my products?
  3. Apart from sharing on social media, are there no ways to get exposure on fiverr?
  4. now I have to understand how to improve my seller profile, do you have any suggestions or guides I can follow?
  5. Hello everyone, I’m Antonio an Italian graphic designer, I hope to find new customers here, I will try to do my best to satisfy all my customers
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