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  1. I agree with the author. Sound health is key to render a great service
  2. The author raised important question
  3. I think the competitiveness in this notion is well observed
  4. I believe value is necessary when dealing with buyer as well as seller. But the author should have allowed a 'thank you’re 😀
  5. Where the author sees it as humour at first is hilarious itself. Nice write up
  6. You need to be certain from Fiverr support if it doesn’t violates TOS
  7. I’ve always had this in mind to ask.
  8. @enunciator very hilarious. What the forum needs at the moment…m
  9. It’s always down to the level of communication
  10. Yes You are right 100% Sarah is absolutely correct here. Staying away is the best antidote to toxic buyers
  11. The TOS buyer is very critical to watch out for among buyers
  12. Maybe you need to rephrase this question for better understanding…
  13. If this is true. It’s eye opener. Thanks
  14. Forum has been a lot helpful to me than going on internet to read from writers who might have even been banned on Fiverr. Thanks
  15. I was planning on using this feature if I happen to get order… Now, this informative has just save me. Thanks
  16. This one was helpful to me. Surely it will help you too. And also try to go through the tips category. Valuable tips… Learn something already
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