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  1. I agree. You are absolutely correct Jeekay. Because most of them aren’t professional and hardly had details in their offer. When you inbox them just to clarify whether anyone is being hired, it’s already done and the strange part is, it’s happening within a few minutes. it is exceptional, If the buyer has an urgent need, otherwise it is fishy to me. Thanks.
  2. Exactly. I agree with you. I too had the same feeling. Thanks
  3. Hello guys! Why does a buyer requests for the same service he/she offers on fiverr? I just don’t understand. Most of them have 0 reviews. They are probably new… That’s very strange to me… Thank you in advance
  4. Hello Chisala! How are you? Welcome to fiverr. You are about to experience a wonderful journey out here. 😊 All the very best!
  5. Hello Fatimasanjida! Welcome on board 😊 All the very best
  6. Congratulations! ThT must have felt good. 👍
  7. That must have been very disappointing. Anyways never give up. 😊 All the best
  8. Yes, I think you have a point. I noticed that feature in a lot of requests plus most of the requests look very low in quality and lacked details. I was not that comfortable responding to BRs, but did it anyway thinking that it was the only way to get orders and stand out because I’m a newbie. Now I know that it’s a way and not THE way. Thanks looseink. . 😊 I appreciate your response.
  9. Hey guys! Do you think it’s worth responding to buyers request?:thinking: I need an honest answer please. Thanks 😊
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