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  1. almost I face this problem. but I did marketing my gig at social media then my gig impression increasing. you can do it.
  2. luckily I haven’t fall this type of problem
  3. Welcome and best of luck for choosing best career build up freelancing marketplace of Fiverr
  4. Welcome and be patient. Do marketing your gig. Send 10 buyer request continuously. Best of luck 👍
  5. Congratulations… Best wishes for you​:slightly_smiling_face:🙂
  6. Congratulations the greatest freelancing market place. Best wishes for you​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:
  7. How to Send Attractive Buyer Request - Fiverr Tips / Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community Forum
  8. please be patient. Order doesn’t comes quickly. It’s totally depend on your Fiverr activity in maximum time with Form. Also you will marketing your gig at various social media platform. and continuously send 10 buyer request daily. Thanks
  9. congratulations. I am a new seller in this platform. I working on Wordpress website design and development.
  10. Thanks alexandamedia. It’s really very informative tips. Again thanks to sharing this
  11. Although It’s very funny example. but that is universal truth… 😇
  12. yes! you will face this problem. If you pause your gig that will be your gig impression, click, and rank totally down. but you don’t loose your level. No… If you are not active on Fiverr your account doesn’t blocked.
  13. It will take some time for your gig to re-bost
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