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  1. I’m also from Bangladesh… 😍 Welcome to fiverr forum…
  2. Do you have recived any message from buyers???
  3. Just delete your browsing history… The problem will be solved…
  4. If i edit my gig video thumbnail then is it decrease my impression ??
  5. I have a ques … If i change my gig video thumbnail … is that causes my gig deranked? Or I’ll get less impression than now…
  6. Same things happening with me 😢… Much better impression but no click… Reason may be my gig thumbnail may be not attractive enough 😣 Its so painful that i get around 500+ impression but no click at all. High time to change my gig thumbnail 😐
  7. Clear your browsing history this will be not gonna show again…
  8. Welcome to fiverr forum community… ❤️
  9. Rank is not connected with size. Do proper seo for your image that will be helpful for ranking.
  10. Minimum 550×370 I preferred 1900×1080
  11. Fiverr have to give opportunity to newbies. Fiverr fluctuate gigs. Thats way may b your gig is on 6th page. Be concern about impressions try to keep it green, inshaallah your will gig ranked on front pages. Be patient…
  12. Welcome to fiverr forum community… ❤️
  13. Do social media marking that may increase your impression. Search for the potential buyer you may not find them from social media marketing but by marketing your gigs your impression will not getting down.Try to stay online maximum time. I don’t mean stay online 24/7 even i don’t think so fiverr recommended that… If your discription is seo optimized and images are eye catching that its definitely attracts buyer attention. Be patient and hope for the best ✌️
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