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  1. fiverr1572×310 8.29 KBI see that you do not believe me @marinapomorac 🙂 Here is a screenshot. The words “FÅR”, “KÄNNAS” and “INGÅR” obviously do not look like the way that they should. (I removed some of the text for privacy reasons.)
  2. Yes I am sure. The letters are nowhere to be seen on the page where you manage your orders. This problem occurs on the desktop version I should add.
  3. When sending an offer to clients in my native language Swedish I am unable to use letters with diacritic marks. For instance, the Swedish vowels – Å, Ä, Ö – do not show. It makes my messages harder to understand for obvious reasons, and it is, to be frank, rather annoying. Can it be amended somehow?
  4. Your voice is rather pleasant to listen to, kudos. However, you do pronounce quite a few words and names wrong. Newsweek, payroll, eurosceptics and decisions - just to mention a few. You probably need to work on that. Good luck!
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