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  1. There is no magic or “precise guide.”. Read the Terms of Service, learn, be patient, work hard. There is no shortcut.
  2. Academic writing is not allowed on Fiverr since violates Terms of Service. Make sure you read all before offering a service that is not allowed.
  3. Do not use someone’s post to market your gigs.that’s not how you will find buyers. Read the Forum’s guideline.
  4. Read the Terms of Service. You will find your answer.
  5. I say: “I will respectfully decline the project since I am unable to fulfill all the requirements. Thank you for understanding. Have a great day.”
  6. Could you please cite your source on this? Probably the same source that says : “stay online 24 hours” or so 😅
  7. The order will be marked as completed after three days.
  8. Your description does not look professional. Your profile picture does not look professional. Your prices are higher than many of your competitors (especially when you self-proclaim a beginner and on the learning stages).
  9. Read, read, read. Learn about the ToS and best practices here. There’s no shortcut in business. Hard work and never stop learning are the name of the game.
  10. Again, nothing to do with Fiverr. Sorry, I don’t want to sound harsh but it is off-topic.
  11. This is a between Payoneer and you. Nothing to do with Fiverr.
  12. I would erase the word Essay from your gig since offering academic work is against Fiverr ToS, and you can get in trouble with that.
  13. It happens. Do not worry so much. Continue reading the ToS so you can get familiar with the rules and how to protect yourself.
  14. It’s a red flag for sure. You should block and report the buyer as this looks like a scammer.
  15. I did not say that. I said that Fiverr often change categories, include or delete categories and also they can move the gigs around categories that better suit them. You don’t need to take any action, you don’t need to delete anything.
  16. What you still did not get it? It is so clear in the notification and in here.
  17. You offer Unlimited Revisions. It is trouble for life, unless stated in the offer that it is limited to order completion. It is a fine line but some buyers will take advantage of.
  18. Because Fiverr moved your gig to another category. They can change categories (include/delete) and move gigs around. You probably received an email as well with details.
  19. You have started multiple conversations on the same topic. Please read the Forum guidelines. https://forum.fiverr.com/guidelines
  20. You are only allowed to post gig links under Improve my gigs. Please change that. Also, take your time to read Fiverr ToS and forum best practices. Good luck.
  21. Requesting for a review in any form is against Fiverr’s ToS. Buyers are free to leave a review or not.
  22. My suggestion: erase the Unlimited Revision and 100% Money-Back Guarantee. First, it can be an easy target for not-so-great buyers that want to cancel orders and not pay for the job. Also, every cancellation on Fiverr can affect your stats, so if you wish to grow here, work hard, be confident and do not offer this type of thing.
  23. At this point, I think it would be fair to close the order. I would resend the original order and say, “it’s X+ days without any information. If you still need a revision, please let me know.”
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