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  1. You can continue reading the Forum, the Fiverr Help and Education Center articles, continue developing your skills and work hard, with good communication and professionalism. It takes time and a lot of effort to establish yourself as a freelancer, however, all the hard work pays off.

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  2. 25 minutes ago, drasnia said:

    If fiverr aren't prepared to moderate the forum they should let the forum users moderate it themselves. 

    The moderation itself looks like an issue as the feeling that I have is that the Forum was abandoned. I am not saying nobody is working behind the scenes, but the feeling is that when you report a post it takes forever until action is taken. 

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  3. This is from Fiverr Help and Education Center and may help with your question 👇

    Viewing Gig statuses on the mobile app

    Note: This feature is only available on Android. 

    To view statuses on your Gig:
    • From the main menu, click My gigs.
    In the My Gigs page, you have the following statuses:
    • Active: These are your Gigs that are currently available in the Fiverr marketplace.
    • Paused: These are your Gigs that are not available. You can select these Gigs and make them active. If they contain video, they will need to be approved first.
    • Draft: These are the Gigs that you haven't published yet.
  4. 5 minutes ago, seven_sign said:

    But the issue is if Fiverr remove casual conversation category!

    The casual conversation category was not removed. I don't think the issue is the category. The issue is  because people want to earn the Forum badges (most of them don't even know why) thinking that they will "rank" higher. That is why they reply with the non-sense, to earn points. They don't realize how amateur they look like, even when they self-proclaim an "expert."

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  5. As it was mentioned before, you just violated the Terms of Services on Fiverr. Before you continue offering your services I recommend you to read the TOS to make sure you don't risk your account. Regarding to the "buyer," it is most likely a scammer trying to take advange of a new seller. You should absolutely report to Fiverr customer support.

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