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  1. Hey There, I use the size 1110 (width) x 740 (height) pixels, and it fits perfectly for me.
  2. Thanks for sharing! I guess it’s the same as the Law of Attraction ;ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.
  3. Hi There @shakib000011 , Is it necessary to create 7 gigs minimum? I’ve only created 3 so far.
  4. I see, Thanks for sharing so much info 😀
  5. Hey There, I’ve been editing the gigs I’ve created and seen a decrease in the number of impressions as I edit. Does editing your gig drop the gig rank in some way?
  6. Thanks for sharing ! 🙂
  7. Hey There, I use 1110 (width) x 740 (height) pixels.
  8. Hi There, I’m quite new here and created a few gigs. Although it’s been a month already, I haven’t received any orders yet. I’ve even submitted buyer requests but also noticed that it rarely shows such requests almost like 3 per day. Any advice/ tips on how I could start getting orders? Fiverr Gig - https://www.fiverr.com/share/Bmwymb Thanks! Have a great day! 😊
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