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  1. Violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards may get your account disabled permanently. Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr. The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Still I would have appreciated some Official warning from fiverr before deactivating my account permanently. It was not like I was doing it from days, I was new here and wasn’t aware much about the policies. So some sort of official warning would have been appreciated before deleting the account.
  2. Yes you are absolutely correct. After this amazing experience on Fiverr, i doubt if I would like some other platforms. I have messed up this amazing opportunity of Fiverr. I did everything in a hurry and also I got couple of orders in first week so didn’t bothered to research on fiverr TOS. I accept my fault but it’s very late now. 😦
  3. Yaa I will give it a try. I don’t think there is any other platform which is as good as fiverr.
  4. Yes True. I have done so many mistakes, don’t think so they will help me in getting my account restored. If I would have read the policy properly, I thought it would be similar to what we blindly agree to all the terms and conditions while installing a new software.
  5. You could use the email address support@fiverr.com if you want to contact them without using a Fiverr account. Thanks for it. I’ll try to write them, but will they restore my account ? What do you say ?
  6. Thanks @vibronx once again. Please warned other’s also the way you warned me about TOS. It was great work from your side. Let them not face what I have faced even after warning from your side. 😦
  7. I was having such a great week at Fiverr. We’ll its over then.!! Over for ever. Guess I can’t do anything now, EVRYTHING OVER. Thank You guys for your help…!! @theratypist @marinapomorac @vibronx I wish I would have removed that gig immediately when @vibronx you warned me. Foolish me, Stupid me. I feel like killing myself. It’s Over Thanks You guys once again.!
  8. There are many other gigs with offerings similar to mine and with some good amount of review. Why did mine got removed so quickly. Now my second account has also been deactivated and now I cannot communicate with the fiverr about the request mail I had sent them from my new account.
  9. My new account has also been deactivated by fiverr in 2 hours. Again without reading TOS I created new account in hurry and Frustration. So shall I assume my career on fiverr is over in just a week. I would be glad if you guys suggest me some solution to it.
  10. Yes that’s correct but I thought Fiverr would be the best place to get some customer base and boost my career. The website and other things I have planned some more time ahead down the lane.
  11. Did you remove the bit about doing assignments as soon as possible after that and then Fiverr removed your gig? Or did your gig get removed before you had a chance to edit it to remove the assignment stuff? I was having one order in queue so I waited for a day because there were other similar gigs with more than 10-20 review so I thought I would be having some time, but very next day my account got disabled.
  12. You were not unaware of it. I told you in your other thread just a few days ago, but I guess you did not heed my advice: I guess I should have known since my links to the TOS still remain unclicked today. Hi @vibronx I know you had informed my about that but very next day my account got deactivate. I waited for a day to come up with some other similar gig as I was having some Order in queue but very next it got suspended. There was many other gigs similar to mine with like 10-20 reviews so I though I would be having couple of days to change it but very next day my account got disabled. Talking about the link I do had gone through them, I am not sure about the links but surely I had gone through them.
  13. Anyway thank you @theratypist @marinapomorac for your suggestions. Now I know the level of crime which I have done. Thanks for making me realize.
  14. @marinapomorac I know I have done a crime when comes to Fiverr terms and conditions. But there might be a way so that my further account does not get blocked @theratypist I have written the forgiveness mail, hopefully they will listen and at least they won’t block my new account. I am hoping for the best from my side.
  15. Now I know about that TOS, for sure I will not do that from now. But guys do you know any way by which I can protect my new account. I really wanna continue on Fiverr, I have order Niche to offer. @theratypist @marinapomorac Please help me out
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