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  1. What are these green dots for in comment section? FireShot Capture 373 - Welcome to Fiverr 3.0! - Your Fiverr Experience _ Conversations - F_ - forum.fiverr.com799×233 18.9 KB
  2. Great topic. As a new member learnt a lot about review.
  3. Welcome to the community and best of luck
  4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  5. Thank you @catwriter for your valuable info.
  6. But that answer is really alarming… right?
  7. That will look like one person having two accounts, and both you and your brother will get permanently banned from Fiverr. @joinalabedin can you see the answer please?
  8. Can I use my brother’s Payoneer account in my Fiverr account? He is already using this Payoneer account in his Fiverr account. Does Fiverr support Payoneer account use in multiple Fiverr accounts?
  9. You are going great. Hope for the best. Meantime send buyer request with perfect cover letter.
  10. Yes that’s what I am trying to say
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