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  1. Its actually cute! someone commented so this post popped up in front, All I want to say The people we love may live longer
  2. feedbacks of the buyers are important in a way that after having 10/20/30 so on feedbacks on profile your trust of work proves by that and new upcoming buyers will firstly see that or you can gain their trust by saying that what people told about your services experiences so in a way everything which benefits you is matter
  3. Now I'm working with two or more VID persons everything changes If The ALMIGHTY wants and has patience
  4. Hi, this is my very first post though I'm old enough always read others post never posted before but today, I want to know something how you become happy and whatever peoples thinks or talks about you and you still manages to become happy? How you deal with it and your tips for that! I think become a great human can bring good in every sector even in Fiverr. Thank you
  5. As a lot of said its not possible unless it violates the TOC of FIVERR
  6. I had some different experience I got tipped but the tipped amount did added to my main pending earning but did not added to my JUNE earning list
  7. Just feeling great what a cool update it is! Having some understanding problem but all will be set in some days I hope! Does we have any dark mode? 

  8. Welcome to the community dattebayo in Naruto style <3
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