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  1. You should notice whether it happens on specific time or not. Because of gig rotation your gig impression & click can be decreased for specific time of a month.
  2. I have done this before & my gig lost it's rank
  3. Do you mean Pause by Keeping Unavailable for few days. I have done this before & I have suffered a lot. My gig impression & click got down. My gig position also changed
  4. I have also faced the same problem but now my gig impression & click is increasing. One reason could be It happens on the specific time for gig rotation
  5. You should contact with customer support with the screenshot of the conversation
  6. You can contact with customer support
  7. Finally, I have completed my 1st order with 5 star review
  8. In Last few days, My Gig impression is increasing but my click is continuously decreasing. What could be the reason & what should I do in this situation?
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