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  1. Hello, I am looking for tips and advise from level 1 or above seller on how to utilize the most out the huge number buyer requests. In my category I see 600+ everyday but when I go through them almost all of them are previous days and old. What I am confused about is that should I go through all the 600 everyday or only send request to the new ones. What strategy has been working for you? Please feel free to share tips or advise. Thanks is advance.
  2. Thanks for saving the day for me!! I was just thinking about replying 😅 For me only one was actual spam and others were interested buyers or reply from buyer request ..
  3. They are supposed to sent message to several seller at once... even I had response from the buyer request as spam too...
  4. Hello, just found that my spam message section had several interested buyers blocked as spam, what could be the reason behind this and if Fiverr marks some one's message as spam is it wise to continue with them? This buyer is an active regular buyer yet his message was marked as spam for me...
  5. No! I just answered her question and then saw this...which is actually rude from her.
  6. So there no need to worry about my account here..right?
  7. Anyone faced this before? I was discussing about a project with a client then this appeared. If I click on the user profile it takes me back to fiverr home page with a URL - seller not available ...
  8. Hello, I have been seeing the same 8 buyer requests all day long, it's not usual . Is there anything wrong ? what should I do now?
  9. Hello, We all know that Fiverr wants us to share our gig on other social platforms, This also affects our gig rankings too, My question is that how frequently we should share our gigs on various social platforms ? As sharing same thing over and over again can be considered as spamming .
  10. What I meant by that is the response dropped dramatically only after I had an order cancelled, I wanted to know if it's the algorithm that is affecting the gig because of the cancelled order, if yes then what can I do to recover from this...
  11. Hello, few weeks ago one of my client requested to cancel an order because of her problem, I accepted that. The problem is after that that gig impression and click dropped dramatically, I used to get some messages daily via that gig now I'm not even getting any clicks. Is there any way I can change that? any help ? Thanks
  12. so it changes based on the performance of each evaluation duration?
  13. Hello, Recently I had to cancel a order unfortunately, now my order completion rate is at 83%. is there any way to get back to 100% or even closer? Thanks
  14. Hey , I got no review from few of my past orders now, as a new seller I think this is a bad thing for me as, Is there any to get feedback from them or can Fiverr show me number of works I have completed beside my gigs without buyer's review ? Thanks
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