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  1. OK! Thank you @alexandamedia 🙂
  2. I cannot see any changes in earning page. What is the reason for that ? I can see have few cancelled orders. But that all orders are completed by buyer. I don’t know why cancelled that order.
  3. What is the meaning of that? When I click that not direct to any page.
  4. Yes! But my opinion is If buyer placed new order and they requested to cancel that order without having any issue with seller. Like buyer mistake. That cancellation rate not need to effect to seller. I hope you understand my point.
  5. In your opinion what kind of cancellations do you think mutual cancellation should affect statistics? What would be a fair situation to affect statistics in case of cancellation? Some buyer place a new orders without having good idea about the gig. (Buyer mistake) In that kind of cancellation, not need to effect to seller cancelation rate.
  6. HI guys, I think mutual order cancellation request will not effect to cancelation rate. Because Some buyers place a new order without clear understanding. In that case they request to cancel the order. Considering that case, Seller has not any mistake. But cancellation rate directly effect to gigs and levels. what you think guys. 🙂 Thanks!
  7. Not always! But they take too much time to reply for urgent matters.
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