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  1. Hey guys, I know fiverr does not allow us to share any kind of link in gig description but earlier I was going through fiverr guidelines, And I saw an article where its written that there are actually some allowed website link that you can use as your portfolio. Such as flickr, blogspot, tumblr, vimeo and so. So will it be wise for me to use such websites link in my fiverr gig description?
  2. Hi there fellow freelancers. My name is Rafiul and I am a graphic designer from Bangladesh. I am not exactly new on fiverr, I mean I am a new seller but Its been 1 year since I started fiverr. But sadly I managed to get about 11 orders and my rank didn't increase. I need some help from you guys to help me increase my gig rank. Any sort of tips or trick would be much appreciated. I mainly expertise on adobe illustrator and its my base for fiverr. Lately my gigs are loosing impressions. I have 4 gigs but none of them are doing good. If you want any sort of help that requires my skill set please feel free to knock me. I would be happy to help, hope you guys would do same for me. One more thing can I share My gig here?
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