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  1. That’s quite simple. I actually didn’t want to discuss the topic with him.
  2. Nothing. If you try to walk them through the review process, this can get you into hot water, as Fiverr may see it as manipulating the review system. When the buyer receives their order, they are prompted to leave a review. They do not need sellers to hold their hand through the process. GG Thanks for the input. I didn’t want to help him in the process. I just wanted him to stop discussing this with me as even mentioning the word “review” could earn me a warning. A stopped chatting as a last resort. He’s new and I believe he doesn’t know how to leave a review.
  3. A quick help is needed. Urgent please. A regular client of mine keeps asking me to tell him how to leave a review? He’s also telling me he’ll leave me a five star review. I don’t want to discuss this with him as I could get a warning. What to do now?
  4. Well, I would suggest you should not accept the gig. Impersonation is immoral and might be against fiverr’s TOS. You may also want to check it with CS if that’s okay to accept the offer.
  5. Hi there; I’ve completed 17 days on fiverr but some of my gigs are on sixth page in total of 20 pages. How can I rank them upto the first page? Also, I only got five orders in total out of which three were from a same buyer. Need advise on how to advance my game.
  6. no you can’t discuss anything about reviews unless you want to receive a warning You should never ask him about reviews it’s the same thing , you can still get a warning for him ’ leave a comment , leave a review , leave a feedback … ‘’ it’s the same Fiverr is already reminding the buyer about the review twice , absolutely no need to do that yourself Hope it’s clear now Perfect. Thanks. I wonder why these sellers advise doing something that’s wrong.
  7. Well there were some interesting topics. I wonder if the bug still isn’t fixed? Final question from ya’ll biggies; will this 4.7 stars review affect my visibility? I mean would it hit me on the back when I try to grab more work in the future?
  8. Thankyou so much. You too, my friend. I’ve been a freelance writer for four years on other platforms and positive feedback always gave me energy. Your wishes also meant a lot.
  9. Will never do that. It’s just my tenth day and will not want to be flagged for anything. The person is super nice and pays decent (at least as per my standard. Paid me125 for a one day work). But I also don’t want my rating to be low. Let’s see what happens. He asked me to send him a custom offer in five hours.
  10. Yes but it was only my second feedback that dropped my rating to 4.8 from 5. Anyhow I just moved on.
  11. Service as described. But he just texted me for another project. Should I accept the new work he’s offering me?
  12. Well, a buyer I just completed a task for. He liked my work, didn’t ask for any revision and left a feedback that he loved working with me and will give me more projects, yet he left a 4.7 stars review. Is it normal for buyers?
  13. Good post. I joined fiverr some ten days ago and luckily got a response on my first ever proposal that I sent on a buyer request. Didn’t get the job due to budget etc. Also, as a newbie, I posted a request on a job that has 100 USD budget. Didn’t only get a response but the job as well and that too on 125 dollars because I made the buyer realize I would only get 80 percent of what they give me. I however feel the buyer was welling to pay more as he constantly asked me if the budget is good enough for me to work upon. (But then due to my inexperience nature ,I didn’t ask for a higher pay). Another buyer directly contacted me for a speech. It was a small work and he said if I’m willing to do it at 40. I said yes. Again I believe I could’ve made him increase the budget. Today’s my tenth day on the marketplace.
  14. Yeah will never ask any buyer for a review. It however hurts to see a buyer loves your work and moves away without giving you a positive public review.
  15. Lol. Won’t mind him not leaving a review instead of earning myself a warning in the first week of my Fiverr saga!
  16. Hey need a quick help. I just worked on an order and the buyer liked and accepted it but didn’t leave any feedback. Should I ask him to?
  17. You may want to report him if he used harsh language or a proof of a scam can be traced from the conversation you both did.
  18. What’s your niche and how many BR you send everyday?
  19. Thanks. These are my organic results. I never asked anyone to place an order to me. Well both of my orders came from USA. One person contacted me directly through a search for relevant gig while other was a result of sending a proposal on buyer request.
  20. Hi y’all! Its my seventh day on Fiverr and so far I’ve received 554 impressions on my , 7 clicks and 2 orders on my gigs. One order that I completed was worth 5 dollars while another one that’s open is worth 125 dollars. (I completed that as well but yet to deliver. Want to proofread the document before final delivery). Is it a good progress. I also want to modify my gigs images and descriptions. Should I do it or to wait a little?
  21. I’m a content and copywriter. Thank you, my friend.
  22. Well its my sixth day on fiverr, I’ve 450 impressions, 4 clicks and secured two orders so far. One of them was worth 5 USD through a direct contact by a client on my gig. While another one I secured a few hours earlier is of 125 dollars. Got the order from buyer request section.
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