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  1. Welcome to fiver. Best wishes for you​:heart:❤️
  2. Fiverr is a big platform. You Can’t describe it in a sentence. You should spend most of the time in fiverr for better experience. Thank you
  3. You are welcome to the fiverr forum Stay connected to fiver you will success.
  4. You are most welcome to the fiverr forum. You have spend most of the time in fiver and fiverr community. It will bring you the success.
  5. Yes obviously you can. You just have to do, when you upload your gig just change the category with your gig requirements. Thanks❤️
  6. Yes i understand your problem. But you should get 4 for your work. I Don’t know exactly why they charge extra from you.
  7. Fiverr take 20% from your work. But why extra .80 I Don’t know.
  8. It is in your profile. Just scroll down into your profile. You will find the test. Thanks
  9. You are welcome. Try to Spend more of the time in fiverr.
  10. Yes, obviously. Any time you need anything post in forum. All will help you
  11. welcome to fiverr. Stay connected with fiverr forum. You will surely success.
  12. That is good. Both need to understand each other for batter work
  13. That is very helpful post. Thanks a lot sir.
  14. Welcome. Hope you will do great on fiverr. Best of luck.
  15. You should read the terms of services on fiverr. That will help you to understand briefly.
  16. Hey @nureafrog welcome to the Fiverr family. Best of luck for future.
  17. Very bad luck. Try not to use the same things later.
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