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  1. Wow! great. maybe some change in their algorithm. Hope that helps every one who provides good service. 😀
  2. great! I got two new knocks from buyers but couldn't turn it into an order 😞 waiting......
  3. My new video is more eye catchy and better than the older one. Also I added a popular keyword in SEO and Title. I think that helped me.
  4. Recently, I have updated my gig photos and video. Did some minor editing to my gig title (Adding the word '3d' in between 'architectural __ rendering'). Surprisingly my gig impression raised to 2k+ from the daily average 100-150 . I'm confused now is it a good sign? cause I'm not getting enough clicks.
  5. I also lost gig rank after getting Level 1. It happens to almost everyone. Luckily I had some active orders which I completed and gained the rank again. I think you should get some orders from buyer request. Then, the gigs will rank again. thanks
  6. For the first 13 days, I didn't receive any order. Kept sending buyer requests. My suggestion for you would be: 1. Read the Buyer's post carefully. If you completely understand and if you are confident enough that you can do the job, only then send a Request 2. In request text, you can describe how you are planning to do the work rather than bragging about only you and yourself. Remember, the buyer will only pay attention to your work. Make him/her trust that you are qualified enough for this job. 3. Your gig photos, description should be good enough to turn a buyer's visit into an order.
  7. yes, I was just lucky in that case 😀
  8. Yes, I know that. As my best is 62 days, There is still chance for 60 & 61 😂
  9. Sure! Can you specify what you want to know 😉
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