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  1. That’s the typical response from freelancers it’s my service I charge what I want fine do that, I’m not arguing against that. At the end of the day the market determines the price so knowing this I know the price of what I want he can be charging hundreds if I don’t feel it’s fair I will decline and that goes both way for me if a freelancer charge too low I will pay them more I swear to god I’ve done it ! When I contacted him I already made 9 of these videos. 9 of these videos is live on my Instagram I tried to explain to him that is what I want him to make he said $300 then I said I don’t think you understand. Then I explained again and he dropped price to $100 and a aid he can make a 10sec video and complete it in half hour. I said no I will do it myself he said “Fine! Do it” “Do it man” That’s when I express he is trying to take advantage of people. And whole thing went off from that. I have a right to my opinion and I expressed it in a professional manner I didn’t curse at him.
  2. Pick one, because you’re contradicting yourself. I contacted him and told him what I want show him my Instagram page and the 9 videos I made my self. I ask how much to do this for me and he said $300. That’s when it explained and he dropped price to $100. That’s when I declined. Then he disrespected me and said I can’t afford work. That’s when I responded with he’s trying to take advantage of me. That’s when he then called me a scum and told me to F off
  3. I’m fine with that. I asked his prices he said it I declined. This whole thing was after the fact. He felt he needed to insult me for declining which I didn’t understand. I stated at that point he is trying to take advantage of me. Then he insulted me even more I didn’t escalate the situation he did. His account seems to currently be fine and dandy as well
  4. If we disgust pricing and i tell you i decline your price you dont insult me and disrespect me you leave it at that. This conversation of price is something i have with every fiverr worker. No one ever! disrespected me most ask me price im looking to pay and tell me if its possible or not. I have my reasons for whatever price im open to pay. In this case of this job i looking to pay $5-10 because i just made 9 videos on my ipad in no time. Fiverr is marketplace the pricing of goods is based on what the customers is willing to pay. Your free to charge what you want and im free to decline!
  5. Ugh, reselling. I know it doesn’t violate Fiverr rules, but resellers are notorious for playing with revisions even after an order is completed, normally once they hear feedback from the person they themselves are selling to. The thing is, race shouldn’t even have been brought up. It had no relevance to the situation or the discussion. I’m familiar with the telemarketing gift card scammers you are mentioning, but it wasn’t pertinent to bring up in a supposed business conversation. It seems someone from Fiverr staff agreed and decided to terminate your account. In this case, I’m not on anyone’s side. It seems to have been a business discussion that quickly devolved into a quagmire of insults, cussing, and general grossly unprofessional behavior. As of now his account is still fine and dandyIm not reselling, I wanted something to be made i contacted my cad maker about it he said he doesn’t do 3d sculpting but he can add stones. So i purchase a file close to what i need from cg trader but it turns out the file wasn’t editable by him and compatible with the software he uses which is when i hired a guy on fiverr to remake it and modify it to my needs. Me and that guy talked prices very civil he initially wanted $200+ to make it and add stones but i just wanted file which he did for $25. Im thinking because my guy said its not editable this new guy will have to remake it so when he delivered it and i sent to my guy to add the stones my guy said its still not editable that is when i told him we need it a certain kind of way which he was happy to do at no charge.I get you its just the way he quickly went off on me i just felt like i was in that situation,
  6. Oof. If you required revisions, then you should have never closed the order and reviewed the seller beforehand. Once an order is closed, it’s closed. If changes are required, request them while the order is still active. You should have stopped further communication and reported the seller with screenshots of the inappropriate behavior. Such language is highly inappropriate, but telling someone that they are taking advantage of people is definitely an inflammatory comment. Which leads to… Yeah. Big oof on that one. That is racially stereotyping a massive population of people. Is the seller you contacted a scammer? I don’t know. He may very well be, but going into personal attacks of any kind is entirely inappropriate and a violation of Fiverr terms. From your post, it seems your account suspension/ban is justified. Curious if the seller who cussed you out is also suspended/terminated as well. Like i said i didn’t mind reviewing the project at that point it was completed to my specifications initially. The changes that were needed were after the fact im purchasing files to send to another worker off fiver but that worker needed a certain file type no biggie he agreed to fix and send to me in messages.Please dont defend his behavior i had every right to express my thoughts on the pricing, normally id just say ill get back to you after getting quotes from other workers but it was insulting to be charged that much for such a simple project. It reminds me back in the day when i was 14… I called myself a “web developer” i was charging people $500 to setup a website and all i did was install wordpress and activated a theme. I was certainly taking advantage of people so i looked at this like that, or like a guy who wants to charge $100 to remove background from a photo when its one click in photoshop and plenty website does it free but charges $1 for high res.Thats just the vibes he gave me, i called him out then right after he wants to call me out of my name and curse at me. It was very immature and uncalled for. Just because i mentioned his race doesnt mean it was racial. His behavior is literally how all the scammers act, theres plenty of youtube channel that make videos of those scammers and when they called them out they flip right into cursing and saying disrespectful stuff.
  7. I purchased some gigs and I got my files delivered, i had revisions needed but i went ahead and reviewed the workers 5 star so they can get their money. One worker actually suggested not to make a revision request he will send me update through the chat, i was fine with that. So now im waiting on that, and also files from another worker. I contacted a guy about making some videos for me im expecting him to say a cheap price like $5, $10 a video this is something simple something i can literally do myself for free on my phone and in fact done myself for free i sent him my instagram page and showed him multiple examples of what i want. Anyway he first quoted me $300 a video and i was insulted! I feel like you have to take someone for a fool to try and overcharge that much. So i expressed my thoughts about the pricing in a really respectful manner and he dropped the price down to $100 which was still not acceptable to me. So then i let him know he is trying to take advantage of people and he got mad at me and called me a scum and told me to F**K off. Which reminds me of how those ******* scammers act when you tell them its a scam, watch kitboga on youtube you will see. So then i call him an ******* gift card scammer and said i wont send you any gift cards also. Fast forward a day later and i cant sign in my account. He escalated the situation, he first insulted me and called me out of my name and cursed at me but i got banned lol. I look at him charging me that much like the other guy that was trying to charge me $140 a photo to change the background color of product photos. I sent that guy links to a few website that instantly removes the background of the photo which i can then download and use a app on my phone called over to put background color i want. I may be paying for simple services but im not ignorant and will not be taken advantage of. Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.
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