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  1. The New Fiverr forum is awesome!! It's very clear and looks beautiful.
  2. Tell everyone how you got your first order. This will inspire everyone.
  3. Why we need to delete and recreate our gigs? what do we get after the recreation of our gig rather than account? When you create Gigs on Fiverr. Maybe it can appear on the first or second page. Suppose you created your gig and you go offline, after one week you come back and again you open your Fiverr id. Now your all gigs go down rank. Probably it can appear on 10 or 11 pages. Your impressions go down, your everything is red with a down arrow. It’s a bad practice to improve these down ranked Gigs. I suggest you, create a new a new gig. Create a New Gig stay Online at least 24/7. you can get a new message from Fiverr
  4. Wow. How amazing!! This topic Posted November 15, 2014 and he last seen at 2014.
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