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  1. I had the same POV until the mutual cancellation punched me really hard in the face. All my gigs drastically dereanked, I was used to seeing a lot of legit buyer requests more often and steadily as opposed to now when I only see spammy requests and sellers asking for ''samples'' so as to copy your work, not to mention that the cancellation drained up all my psyche and demoralized me, and the effect on my order cancellation stat. After sometime, I visited the client´s profile and the reviews directed me to the seller who ''redid'' the work after the client cancelled with me. Since the work showed on his portifolio I was shocked to see that the seller seldomly changed a thing. Did I work for free? Maybe. Will I work for free again? Hell not. I went down so easy and I will not let this happen again; at least not after putting a good fight - professionally of course. The aftermath of this cancellation is a nightmare am now dealing with now after several months of taking ''a break'' I rather take a 1-star review than cancel. I will use the critisism to deal with other similar situations in the future and use it for improvements.
  2. Impressions are the number of times your gig appears on a search. If you´re looking for proofreading services, for example, every gig on the results page bags an impression each. You refresh, another impression. But, what really matters is the clicks. Clicks indicate the number of times someone actually clicked your gig. Could be prospective buyers, random Fiverr users, or other sellers looking into what others, in the same category, are doing so as to outdo the competition. It´s important to bear in mind that impressions and clicks are affected by your gig rank, which is determined by Fiverr based on a number of parameters - best known to them. My guess, this could be order completion rate, response time, conversion rate, reviews - both public and anonymous, etc. So, how can you manage to bag good impressions and clicks as a new seller? Search Engine Optimized content - do a thorough keyword research and precisely use them on your tittle, description,FAQ, SEO tittle, and even your gig images. Think about it from a buyer´s standpoint, if you´re searching for a person with your skill-set, what kind of words would you feed in the search box? Use those words to optimize your gig´s Search Engine. Search tags - select tags that blends well with the subcategory you major in. Gig images/gallery - it´s recommended that you have attractive images and or videos - portfolio (sample of previous works) is a plus! Spend time in research and learning.
  3. I love Damnations, Its sarcasm is on another level😂
  4. It´s a show by Jeremy Wade. Make a verb out of the word ''fish''. You will have it completely correct.
  5. If only I could split the credit with goggle 😅 I know that is cheating but I had to convince myself that my IQ is as good as the puzzle grand masters 😅 But I have posted an easy one, should be solved in no time. I would not like to be comfortable in a borrowed suit
  6. Otis is a common name with the Luo community of Kenya. Otis Redding is the name.
  7. Hello, If you have linked your email account, it was sent there, check your mails. Mine was sent as a popup notification and was sent to my email too.
  8. Just emphasize on how well you can do the project and not your years of experience. The client may think you´re lying about your experience. Furthermore, you may have tons of years of experience and you have never mastered/perfected doing your thing right. Exactly, when I stopped emphasizing on experience in my custom offers, I have seen a surge in the number of clients orders.
  9. Thank you for your brevity and sharing with us. The first approach is SHARING - a problem shared is a problem half solved, that´s what our mother taught us. I assume you already feel better by just sharing with us here. When I face tough times I just create a world of my own. Do anything that makes me happy without actually caring what others think. I work out, listen to very loud music, go for a jog, sometimes I just let myself feel it to the brim until it vanishes. Kindly try to do what you find relieving, something that works best for you. Once you feel a bit calm its time to face everything head-on. Face your demons with courage, you have to hold your head high in this phase or else you´re back to the drawing board. As important it is to listen to all the voices around you, its is destructive in equal measure. Everything may seem to describe your situation and as a result it worsens it. Block all the negative energy from the internet and social media. SITUATIONS ARE DIFFERENT so do not compare. It stimulates more fear and demeans self esteem. You look down on yourself instead of cheering yourself up - appreciate yourself. Lastly, F*k the pain, F*k the sorrow, F*k the shame. It is going to be ALRIGHT!🤗
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